A variation of Pay and Display without the use of machine; instead users can purchase a booklet in advance from Godell Parking Sdn Bhd or our appointed Agent’s. To use the parking coupon the user has to completely scratch off panels on the date and time in which he/she leaves the vehicle. The coupon is displayed on the dashboard.

For MPSJ Coupon Parking cost per booklet is RM5.00 (Inclusive 6% GST) and it contains 10 pieces which is per piece is RM0.50. Meaning, one piece for one hour use only. So, for user who parked for one (1) whole day, he/sheneeds to scratch and display ten (10) pieces of parking coupon.


Our on-street parking operation hours and rates differ from one council to another.
Monday to Friday – 8.00am – 6.30pm
(Except for Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

Sample of MPSJ Parking Coupon

Sample Before and After Scratch

User Guide on How to Scratch a Parking Coupon

How To Use Parking Coupon?

  1. Buy your parking coupon in advance
  2. Plan your parking period, if you need more than 1 coupon to cover the parking duration, the start time of the second coupon should be the expiry time of the first coupon.
  3. Scratch off completely the 5 relevant tabs to indicate the year, month, day, commencing time of parking (hour and minute).
  4. Display the coupons visibly and neatly on front dashboard of your car. Do not leave any used coupons on the dashboard of your vehicle.

REASONS To Purchase

Why do you need COUPON PARKING? The reasons to purchase COUPON PARKING are:

  • Saves time to search for Pay & Display Machine
  • Do not need to carry heavy syilings
  • Allows you to park at any on-street parking areas within your Council’s territory
  • No specific expiry date therefore it can be use anytime, anywhere within the same Council
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Parking Coupon (MPSJ)

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