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  • GPSB shall deliver all the Products ordered or purchased by a courier service company of its choice. It shall be deemed that you agree for GPSB to deliver the Products with the courier service company of our choice upon your payment for the Products which you have ordered through the Website.
  • GPSB at its best endeavors shall deliver the Products to your address as registered at the Website with conditions as below:-
    1. If payment is made from Monday to Thursday before 2.00 p.m. you will receive your order within 2 working days (e.g. Payment on Monday, Products will be delivered within 2 working days). In the event, payment is made after 2.00 p.m., it will be considered in the following working day and the Products will be delivered on the subsequent working day (e.g. Payment on Tuesday at 2.00 p.m. Products will be delivered within 3 working days).
    2. On the following Tuesday (provided Monday and/or Tuesday is not a Public Holiday) if payment is made on Friday after 2.00 p.m. Saturday or Sunday. In the event Monday and/or Tuesday are a Public Holiday, the Products will be process on Wednesday and will be delivered within 2 working days.
    3. If payment is made on Public Holidays including public holidays in the state of Selangor. In the event the Public Holiday falls on Friday, the Products will be delivered on Wednesday (provided Monday and/or Tuesday are not a Public Holiday).
    4. Notwithstanding the provisions in (ii) and (iii), GPSB requires one (1) working day to process the Products for delivery within two (2) working days.
  • GPSB shall not provide any insurance coverage for the delivery of the Products as the insurance coverage shall be provided by the courier service company. GPSB shall not be held responsible for any damage or lost of the Products during the process of delivery, as this shall be covered by the "Shipper's Insurance". The risk of loss and damage of Products shall pass to the courier service company from the date of collection of Products by the courier service company until the date of the actual delivery by the courier service company to you and thereafter the title of the Products shall pass to you
  • In the event any of the failure to deliver or redeliver the Products to you is due to your fault, oversight or mistake such as inaccurate address etc, we will not responsible for it.
  • GPSB reserves the right to alter or amend the delivery times and a one-(1)-working day prior notice shall be served on you. All delivery times quoted shall subject to stock availability and delivery location. GPSB shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the Products within estimated timescales.
  • You must ensure that you or your authorised nominee is available to receive the Products on the delivery day. If you are not able to receive your delivery, you shall call us before 5.00 p.m. of the same day the payment is made and GPSB shall arrange for another date of delivery for you. If the Products have been despatched according to the address provided by you, you shall bear all the costs for the redelivery of the Products. You also may request for the Products to be redirected to another place as instructed by you. All cost incurred for redelivery and redirect shall be borne by you.
  • Both GPSB and the courier service company agreed that the Products shall only be sent to the stated consignee, and the release form shall only be executed by the said consignee.
  • You shall not be entitled to cancel your order and seek any refund from GPSB when you have paid for the Products.
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